ADMISSION Open for the academic year 2023- 2024 Classes KG to class 9 Limited Seats available

Founder: Dr Ken Gnanakan (1940-2021)

Dr Ken Gnanakan is an Indian educator, environmentalist and theologian. He was, in his words, 'Educationist, Environmentalist, Social Entrepreneur, Theologian, Writer, Artist, Musician and Conference/Seminar Speaker on Education, Strategic Management of NGOs, Ecological Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Theology, Religion etc.' Dr Ken Gnanakan initiated the Programme for Environmental Awareness in Schools (PEAS), a nationwide network aimed at motivating students into action. The programme initially funded by CIDA has hundreds of schools networked in an environmental movement bringing together thousands of children from all over the country.
Dr Ken Gnanakan pioneered the use of waste plastics for road surfacing in India. He has collaborated with European ecologists to develop a model eco-toilet for slums. He was engaged in developing a holistic model of socio-economic development starting with the collection of urban waste. The model includes the generation of cooking gas as well as electricity. After completing his Ph.D. in philosophy at King's College London and returning to India, he and his wife Prema set up the ACTS Institute, a vocational training school, which also imparted practical skills and spiritual values to young people. (More)

CEO’s Message

The late Pele, quite possibly the greatest footballer ever, said, "I am constantly being asked about individuals. The only way to win is as a team. Football is not about one or two or three star players." 

At ACTS Secondary School, we are a team; we are a community. All of us come with different talents and abilities, and together, we have the potential to create something beautiful. Our desire is to see a community of people learning to live and that includes carrying each other along, encouraging each other, and caring for each other. 

If you are not yet a part of our team, I invite you to join the ACTS family. Your success will be our success. Let's create a community that can be a shining light in our world today.

Santosh Gnanakan

CEO, ACTS Group of Institutions.


Director’s Message

At ACTS we believe in integrated and holistic education, and our experience with the global pandemic has reiterated the need to go beyond core academics and focus on the whole person to improve student outcomes.

While holistic education aims to address the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format, we at ACTS Secondary School try to integrate this into the ICSE curriculum, to meet the growing need for our communities to have responsible citizens who have a compassionate understanding of the world around them, and who can adapt and show resilience in times of crisis. Our Principal and staff work hard at making sure that our students are equipped with the necessary skills that they need to face challenges, both in and outside school, and to be successful in everything that they do.

Every child deserves the best and we assure you that at ACTS Secondary School the journey of each child will be enjoyable, safe, enriching and rewarding.

Anupa Gnanakan

Principal’s Message

We at ACTS provide the student the experience of life, skills, social value, environmental awareness, knowledge, and holistic personality development with the proximity of faculty members during working hours as well as extended hours through the offline mode. Talents are identified through an amalgam of classroom learning as well as sports, games, cultural and other allied activities. This 360 degree approach of grooming their personality is the cornerstone of education imparted at ACTS.

We intend to provide the students the best opportunity to learn and grow academically, socially and spiritually in the name of the Lord.
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