The school provides bus facility from various destinations covering most of the local areas. Every bus always has a female bus attendant on board. The routes and designated stops are planned conveniently so that the children do not spend their valuable time travelling and. The school buses have a GPS system to maintain the accuracy of the pick-up, drop and real-time information of the fleet. All our buses and bus attendants are trained to keep the safety of every child in mind. Each child is dropped home carefully and safely. The buses movements are tracked, and any rash driving can be reported. 
Safety of the children is most important at ACTS Secondary School, and we take this very seriously. We have cameras installed all around the school, classrooms, corridors, gates, and premises to survey the children, and to always ensure their safety. Our campus is fully enclosed, and children are not allowed to exit the school grounds without supervision. All the staff undergo background checks and criminal record verification by the police department. We have male and female security guards, and female support staff to take care of students.


Student Counselling
The school has a counsellor, and she is accessible to both children and parents. Parents can seek the guidance of the counsellor if they need help addressing behavioural issues, learning disabilities or other difficult issues that their children are facing. The children too can approach the counselor at any time for any help they require.


ACTS Secondary School believes that a reading child is a thinking child, and a thinking child is a happy child. The library boasts of a wide collection of fiction and non fiction books, and monthly events in the library.


Computer Lab
Our school has two fully equipped computer labs. Our computer studies curriculum is designed keeping in mind the practicality of computer application in today’s world. We prepare students to become fluent with learning software of any kind. At ACTS Secondary School, your child will be future-ready when it comes to working with systems and applications.


School also owns a playground for sports and extracurricular activities.


The Taaqademy In-School Music Program is a systematic, organised, focused (and of course, fun!) music education initiative that seeks to bring music firmly into the pre-primary, primary, middle and high school curriculum. Their belief is that there is a lot more to music education than just instrument learning and performance - in other words 'showbiz'. Music education at this level is about developing a well-informed and holistic sensibility towards music itself .


Coding & Robotics
QTPI Robotics is an ecosystem that believes that ‘learning through creating’ is ageless. Today, it’s about learning to be analytical and logical by creating through coding and robotics. And we know, creation using robotics, will make an impact in the real world, now and tomorrow.


Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculation that is solely done by the human mind, using mental power or by performing mathematical calculations mentally. According to scientific studies and research, mental abilities in children must be developed by the age of 12. The degree of brain development is achieved by a child during this time and has a great influence over his or her future. By the use of an ancient Chinese instrument like ABACUS, the child’s mental strength improves to a great extent.


Sports & Games
The school realises the importance of fitness and exercise, and sessions for physical exercises, drills and games are held right through the week. Our students participate in inter-school and national level competitions, and excel in kho-kho, kabaddi, and athletics.


Life Skills
Life skills are the skill set that enable people to live happy and meaningful lives and reach their potential. A meaningful life is achieved through mental wellbeing, self-awareness, skills for appreciating humanity in others as well as working towards wellbeing in one's community Life skill education helps children grow up to be whole, mentally strong, and resilient young adults, helps students build confidence in both communication and cooperative & collaborative skills, provide them with tools important for development, find new ways of thinking and problem-solving and provide methods on how to socialise, make new friends, and recognise the impact of their actions and behaviours.

Programme for Environmental Awareness in Schools works towards environmental awareness among school children. The need of the hour is to tackle the urgent issues that are threatening the existence of life. PEAS is a nationwide programme aiming to motivate students into action. The programme is already being implemented in different cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Madurai, Chennai, Delhi and Visakhapatnam. Educationists and Environmentalists in different parts of the country are reaching out to help and strengthen the PEAS network. When children are in the budding stage with tender minds the educational process should prepare them to face various natural and unnatural threats in the society. They must be properly guided and guarded. PEAS is committed to this kind of awareness activities to protect the environment. In the words of late Dr Ken Gnanakan – Chairman, PEAS, children must accept the need for change in attitudes so that the future of our world is secure.


ACTS Secondary School was founded in June 1997....


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