ACTS Secondary School provides children with a child-friendly environment that is appropriate for quality education. Apart from qualified and experienced teachers and well-ventilated and spacious classrooms, the school is equipped with a Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Lab,a well-stacked library with a Reading Lounge, a playground for cricket and football, a multi-purpose gym for games such as table tennis and carrom, a basketball court, adequate drinking water, washrooms and toilets and much more.

ACTS Secondary School believes in all-round development and places emphasis on the arts as well.

Music, Drama and Dance are an important part of the life of our students.

Our children are also given opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities that take them outside the school.Our students regularly take part in competitions and conferences in Bangalore and other cities as well.

Investure Ceremony June 24th

The solemn ceremony of office bearing began with great delight amidst our chief guests, Mr. Santosh Macadan, Mr. Ravi Maharaj and our CEO, Mr. Santosh Gnanakan. Badges were pinned and sashes, the symbol of rank were put around our honorary officers, oath taken and flags were handed over.

Life Skill Classes September 7th

Life skill classes were held that taught about the art of living in harmony with fellow human beings and developing a good rapport by using friendly, appreciative adjectives. It also instilled in them the spirit of teamwork.

Science Exhibition October 11th

The science exhibition was inaugurated by the CEO, Mr. Santosh Gnanakan. A spectacular assemblage was presented by our little scientists at work from physics, chemistry and biology departments and functioned under the banners of Mechanics Ahoy!, Budding Chemists and BioMagic respectively. Their participation was exemplary giving vivid explanations and description of their models. The Exhibition included innumerable exhibits.

National Reading Day - November 29th

The National Reading day was observed in the school between 12 and 12.30 p.m. when students of all classes were issued books from the library and were asked to read during the given period of time as a mark of observance of National Reading Day.

Carnival - December 14th

The long awaited carnival was inaugurated by Dr. Richard Gnanakan amidst great excitement. There were throngs of people who flocked to the variety of game stalls and food courts. There were magic shows, puppet shows and ventriloquism intermittently. Our children performed a Mexican ballet. There were inflated castles and merry-go-round and song dedications. The evening was enrapturing with the splendor of gorgeous illuminations and musical band. The winners of the raffle tickets won exciting prizes, a double door refrigerator, a washing machine, a microwave oven and a bicycle.

Farewell - February 14th

Students of class IX presented a memorable send off to their seniors, the students of class X with a repertoire that was amazingly anchored by class IX students and it also consisted of dance, dramas and band performances and conducted games for class X students with fun and frolic that filled the air.

Thanksgiving - February 15th

Thanksgiving Day for the outgoing students of class 10 was held amidst our chief guest, Mr. Russell Adams, Cricket Academy, Royal Challengers Bangalore along with CEO, Mr. Santosh Gnanakan. Other than the Valedictory Ceremony, few other remarkable programs of the day were many and a few to mention are ‘Swagatham’ a welcome dance, a traditional Bharathnatiyam performance, outstanding performances by the school choir that set the mood for the day as well as speeches by the outgoing students who shared their memories.

Green Day and Fruit Day - March 5th & 19th

The Green Day was observed by the Pre-KG children who were all clad in green. Green draperies decorated their classes and many objects green in colour were kept as presentation in the classes. Children sang songs and were filled with enthusiasm and merriment throughout the day.