The institute took the couple into needy areas in slums and villages, and gradually grew to become a large network of education, health and environmental projects, all over India under the banner of ACTS. Dr Ken Gnanakan was widely connected all over the world with academic and social programs. He was the Chancellor of ACTS Group of Institutions (India); Chairman of the International Council for Higher Education (Switzerland), a member of the International Association for Promotion of Christian Higher Education, USA. Dr Ken Gnanakan has attended and spoken at various UN forums. Dr Ken Gnanakan was also an accomplished musician and used to be a part of the "Trojans". The band known as "the Indian Beatles" kept Bangalore, Calcutta and Bombay swinging in the '60s and included Biddu, a prominent pop musician. He has produced various CDs of his Christian spiritual compositions. He has written an environmental theme song sung by children all over the country.


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